Samsung Shows Apple How to Keep Secrets (Galaxy S III)

Samsung Shows Apple How to Keep Secrets (Galaxy S III)


No pre-production Galaxy III was mistakenly left behind at a bar one night and that’s because Samsung took several measured steps to keep their secret project as secret as possible. As good as Apple may be about keeping secrets, it has certainly been the victim of more than a few leaks and spy pics.

A fun post was recently published on Samsung Tomorrow, the official global blog for Samsung Electronics. In it, they explain some of the steps that they took so that no leaked information about the Samsung Galaxy S III made its way to the public before the official announcement on May 3. That included leaks to the friends and family of Samsung employees, who felt like they were living “a double-life.”

Security was important. Where there was R&D work being done on the S III–which included both the design and the engineering sides of things–workers needed security cards, fingerprint scans “and everything, designated only for the few that were approved for this top-secret project.” If they had to move a prototype, even across the hall, they had to place them in security boxes “to prevent passers-by from catching a glimpse.” Indeed, they had multiple full-fledged prototypes that looked like final products, complete with multiple versions of each component, just to throw the dogs off the scent.

Instead of using regular 3rd party logistics services for delivering the prototypes to partners and suppliers, the deliveries were handled in-house and in-person. Testing procedures were then “monitored day and night to make sure no leaks in security occurred.”