New Google Play Commercials Show Off Google Services In Unique Way

New Google Play Commercials Show Off Google Services In Unique Way


I personally own an Android tablet and smartphone, and yet to be honest, I’ve never used Google Play (previously Android Market) for anything more than just basic app downloads. In reality, Google Play offers quite a bit from movies to music, and even books. It’s instant sharing system for the music and movies on your various devices makes Google Play quite useful, but the truth is that most of the more casual PC, tablet and smartphone users don’t know just how useful Play can be.

In order to solve that problem, Google has uploaded some pretty unique videos to the web in order to advertise its Google Play service and explain it in a very simple way. The “Scientist” in the first commercial video demonstrates how movie streaming works in Google Play using a bannana, yes really. It might sound odd, but the commercial is very straightforward and easy to understand.

In the second video, album sharing is explained with Google Play using juice. I know this all sounds weird, but they did a very good job of explaining things in a humorous yet easy to understand way. It’s likely this is just the first of many similar videos to come, and I wouldn’t be surprised if these start hitting the TV networks sooner or latter.

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