Bosch Announces Automated Mower

Bosch Announces Automated Mower


Summer time is great with pool parties, relaxing out in the yard and just enjoying the weather. Unfortunately it’s not everything about summer is fun and exciting, and there are many summer-time chores as well, such as mowing the yard. Determined to find a way out of mowing your yard for good? You could pay a neighbor kid to do your yard for next to nothing in cost, or you could further prove your status as a techie and buy a robot lawnmower. If option B sounds like the right one for you, Bosch is introducing the Indego, a powerful robot lawnmower solution.

It’s not the first of its kind, even if Bosch is claiming it is, but it certainly has some features that make it much more useful than alternatives. This Swedish-made mower can handle up to 1,000 square meters of grass without supervision and all you need to do is basically install a wire around the edges of your lawn so that it knows where the yard ends. Using sensors it can avoid your pet dog, your patio furniture and other obstacles that get in the way. If it runs into something it’s never seen before, it will mark the spot in its memory, move on, and come back. If it realizes the object is permanently there, it will avoid that spot permanently in the future.

The biggest problem with robot lawnmowers is that they zig-zag all over the yard, which can make the job look kind of… less than good. With the Indego it can use GPS and other technologies to help it know where it is and where to cut, allowing straight-line pattern cutting instead. The Indego has a 20 minute charge, and than has to charge back up over a 90 minutes. This means that it will mow in sections and in trips, but it does have memory so it returns to where it left off. The Indego will cost about $2,000- though for now it is only avaliable in the Scandinavian world.

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