ClamCase Announces Laptop Dock Connector For iOS and Android

ClamCase Announces Laptop Dock Connector For iOS and Android


The era of convergence is upon us, as more and more devices come together in new ways to replace the need for multiple different pieces of technology. One example of this process at work is the merger of MP3 players, PDAs, and phones into what we now all know of as smartphones. As smartphones grow in power, the ability for them to truly be used as substitutes for traditional laptops is certainly an option. There have been a few solutions to that end already, such as the Motorola Atrix or even the ASUS Padfone, but now we get something new, something very “Apple Air” looking, the ClamBook.

The ClamBook is a stylish, ultra-thin laptop dock that works with a variety of smartphones such as the iPhone and the many Android devices out there. It has a 13.3-in ch 16:9 HD LED display, a full-size keyboard with its own Android keys, 3D Cinema Sound and a multi-touch trackpad. This dock is actually slimmer than the air, thanks to having no real internals.

This is the first type of the devices to work with both Android and iOS, though I notice that Windows Phone isn’t mentioned. The unit connects using a dual-method, requiring bluetooth for the keyboard and a USB cable for the display. While it isn’t mentioned, there might be a way to get Windows Phone working considering it uses pretty standard technologies for communications.

The ClamBook also uses Motorola’s Ubuntu-based Webtop application which enhances the laptop experience with little goodies such as Firefox, the Gmail Web app and a complete file managing solution. How all of this directly comes together has yet to be revealed, and all we really know for certain is that it is coming for the Holiday 2012 season in the US, with additional countries expected to follow after. While the ClamBook looks very attractive you have to wonder how Apple will take to such a blatant design copy of the MacBook Air and you also have to wonder about the price. The ClamBook’s price could certainly make or break this interesting accessory, depending on how high or how affordable it turns out to be. What kind of price would you pay for such an accessory?

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