New iCade Mobile Gamepad Accessory Arrives For iPhone

New iCade Mobile Gamepad Accessory Arrives For iPhone


When it comes to unique gamepad accessories, one of the most unique solutions out there has been the iCade Core. For those that don’t know, the Core basically turns your iPad into a mini-arcade cabinet. While this solution is great on the iPad, it obviously doesn’t work with the iPhone. The solution? For $80 you can now get your hands on a smaller Bluetooth-based iPhone variant, the iCade Mobile.

This smaller gamepad attachment was announced months ago, but is now finally shipping. While it isn’t the only iOS-based gamepad out there by any means, devices like the Gametel Gamepad work well enough but they still feel ‘added on’ and somewhat cheap looking. The iCade Mobile slides on and actually looks like it belongs there. This gamepad also supports over 400 games and would certainly be great for playing gaming classics from systems like the Sega Genesis and SNES. Sure, it doesn’t have dual analog or any of the more modern handheld buttons, but it manages to maintain a sleek, sexy look for retro and arcade lovers out there. The shoulder buttons are a nice touch as well.

At $80, this is a surefire way to bring your iPhone gaming to the next level. Is it going to make core gamers ditch their PS Vita or 3DS handhelds? Of course not, but for an arcade accessory, you can’t do much better.

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