Appsplit: Kickstarter Crowdfunding for App Developers

Appsplit: Kickstarter Crowdfunding for App Developers


Kickstarter has done a fantastic job of lowering the barrier to entry for new innovations. If you’ve got a great idea, you can crowdfund the necessary money to get that project going. What if your project happens to be an app instead?

While you could certainly post your app idea on Kickstarter or appbackr–and people do–there is now Appsplit as another alternative. The idea is much the same: you post up your app campaign, tell people what your app is going to do, and then you ask for their money so that you can actually create and/or launch the app.

One fundamental difference is that your app doesn’t have to reach its funding goal in order for you to get the money from your “backers.” You have the option of choosing an “open” project; if your goal isn’t reached, you still keep the money that people have pledged. Money can be given via PayPal or Amazon payments. You can also use Appsplit to find freelancers who can help you with the development of the app or otherwise help with the idea as a whole.

“Appsplit is a new platform meant to help those working and developing apps to move their app business forward,” said site founder Hussein Yahfoufi. “Whether they need to raise some cash, find someone to help them or just sell a piece of their app, appsplit can help.”