Could That New Mini iPhone 5 Port Be a MagSafe Connector?

Could That New Mini iPhone 5 Port Be a MagSafe Connector?


One of the ‘features’ supposedly in the iPhone 5 has had everyone talking recently, and that is the inclusion of a smaller port. While some believe this could be Apple’s move to the micro-USB standard that almost every other device on Earth uses, others say Apple will stay with a proprietary port. Meanwhile, the Verge talks about what they believe a smaller cord connector would be like from Apple. They make a pretty good point that Apple isn’t going to change a standard that is in thousands of accessories just to make it SMALLER.

Instead, what if it is a MagSafe Mini Connector, sort of like what Apple currently uses on its MacBook devices? MagSafe is known for having a feature that prevents ‘tripping’ by disconnecting the cord thanks to its magnetic plug. With the weight of an iPhone though, would that work? Honestly, probably not unless the magnet is substantially stronger, but that’s not the only reason why MagSafe is useful. With this kind of plug you can put it in pretty much any way you want (there is no ‘correct’ side) and it basically plugs itself in thanks to the magnetic pull. This means a MagSafe connector is very easy and convenient, not that the 30-pin connector was that hard to plug in, though. What could make this new potential cord even better though, what if Apple manages to support both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt with this standard?

Keep in mind this is just speculation, don’t consider this a rumor per-say, just theory at this point. Honestly though, I could certainly see Apple making this move IF it proves true that they are moving to a smaller connector.

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