Arkiv Field Modular Backpack Ready for Any Mission (Video)

Arkiv Field Modular Backpack Ready for Any Mission (Video)


Why would your backpack have a pouch for a camera if you’re not bringing your camera? And then what happens when you regret buying the camera pouch-less backpack when you are going to bring a camera? Instead of having multiple bags for multiple purposes, you might want to look into Mission Workshop’s Arkiv Field modular backpack. You can add and remove components as needed.

I’ve seen some other modular backpacks before, so this isn’t a completely novel idea. Even so, Mission Workshop seems to ahve executed the solution quite well. You start with either the 16L or 36L main pack and then you buy the extra add-ons and pouches that you need. When you actually hit the road, you can consider which pouches you’re going to attach and which you’re going to leave at home. There are pouches and pockets of all shapes and sizes, including sleeves specialized for holding laptops. The add-ons attach via steel hardware and everything is reasonably weatherproof.

While I’m personally not a fan of the fashion statement this bag makes, your preferences may vary. Where you will get hit is your wallet: The core bag starts at over $200 and then the extra pouches and such average about $60 each. Get this sleeve and that add-on and you’re easily into quite the expensive backpack. It does help that it’s made in the USA though.