Leaked Front Panel Reveals iPhone 5 with 4-Inch+ Screen?

Leaked Front Panel Reveals iPhone 5 with 4-Inch+ Screen?


It has been the general consensus among most people that the “next iPhone” will have a larger display, but now we’ve got some physical evidence to back that claim. This “leaked” front panel is coming by way of one of Apple’s suppliers.

To be fair, what you see here is the leaked front panel for what is reportedly the next-generation iPod touch. At the same time, it is reasonable to think that the front panel on the new iPod touch will be in line with the new iPhone, especially if both are going to be increasing in screen size at the same time. What’s curious is that the opening in the middle measures 4.1-inches, whereas several current rumors are saying the “iPhone 5” will have a 3.95-inch screen. And then there’s the Wall Street Journal saying that it’ll be “at least four inches.”

If we take all of these at face value, the 3.95-inch screen could easily hold up, since the display doesn’t have to completely fill out the 4.1-inch opening. You’ll also notice that the relative dimensions are different too, making for a “taller” iPod touch and iPhone. This changes the aspect ratio of the display, from what we can tell, so this could prove problematic for the porting and development of many iOS apps, at least in the short term.

Along with the leaked front panel are leaked images of what we think are the front and rear cameras on the next iPhone. It’s likely that there will be no real difference from the perspective of the end user compared to the iPhone 4S, but the rear module is missing the LED flash.