Foldboat: Plastic Rowboat Folds Up to Fit in a Backpack

Foldboat: Plastic Rowboat Folds Up to Fit in a Backpack


Perhaps your plans for this summer include a camping trip by the lake, but you don’t want to haul around a full-size boat with you. This fold-up rowboat is just the ticket, as it can be shoved into your backpack. No joke!

The folding boat is constructed from a single sheet of plastic, which you can unravel from your backpack, fold like origami, and sail away on the lake in as little as two minutes. The plastic is eight-feet by five-feet and it’s held together with a couple of other small components. The so-called Foldboat is also available in a version that folds up completely flat, rather than getting bunched up to fit in a backpack. The boat part of the equation is otherwise the same and it can be folded and unfoled up to 6,000 times. The folds are like the hinges on the lid of a shampoo bottle.

It even comes with a couple of inflatable cushions for comfort (and to use as floatation devices) and a pair of oars. And that’s all you need to have yourself a lazy paddle around the lake in your fold-up plastic boat. The Foldboat is the brainchild of Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies, production design students working on their Master’s degrees at Royal College of Art in London. The cost is about 800GBP or US$1,263.