Voyager Mobile Offers $19 Unlimited Talk And Text In Select US States

Voyager Mobile Offers $19 Unlimited Talk And Text In Select US States


Looking to get your hands on a service plan in the states that offers unlimited talk and text for just $19 a month without contract? That’s exactly what the newly launched “Voyager Mobile” service has to offer, though unlimited web will bring the rate up to $39 a month. There are also those dreaded taxes, of course.

Voyager actually only consists of a staff of seven friends and family members, ran by 22-year old John Mardini. How can they manage to create a service with such a small staff? Voyager is essentially just responsible for sales and marketing, all the actual services come directly from a partnership where they buy airtime from Sprint.
While Voyager offers 3G/4G network access, voicemail and all the other awesome features you’d expect from a major carrier like Sprint, they are a no-contract service and that means phones aren’t subsidized and you have to pay a lot more up-front. The Samsung M370 flip, for example is $119, while the Epic 4G Touch is a hefty $549. For the moment, the service is limited to Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island,South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virgina, Washington and West Virginia. The company is vigorously working on expanding its range, though.
Voyager isn’t alone in the space of low-cost no-contract services that use the Sprint network, actually. Republic Wireless also offers its services for $19, with unlimited talk, text and web. The catch with Republic Wirless is that you need to have regular access to Wi-FI signals and your phone will automatically jump to Wi-Fi to make calls when available, or use Sprint’s network if a Wi-Fi network can’t be found. One cool gimmick that Voyager has going for it though is that it will offer a reward points system that can be used for airline tickets, gift cards, monthly service payments and free phone upgrades for every minute used on their service.

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