W1PPS MacBook Pro Dock Without the Dock (Video)

W1PPS MacBook Pro Dock Without the Dock (Video)


Do you use your MacBook Pro more like a desktop than you do a laptop? Do you find yourself getting all frustrated with the process of connecting and disconnecting the countless peripherals? W1PPS by Veritas Forge address all of that. It’s a cord integration solution where you have just one big plug that slots into the side of your MacBook Pro.

It all lines up with the pre-existing ports on your MBP, including the mic input, headphone jack, USB port, FireWire, Ethernet, and external monitor. This turns into a hub on the other end with four USB ports, plus all the other corresponding jacks. This way, you can leave your peripherals where they are and simply connect the one piece. There’s also a media card access area, a front-facing headphone jack, and a USB direct access port, so you don’t have to go reaching for the other end of the hub all the time.

“But isn’t this just a dock?” Sort of, except the guys at Veritas Forge didn’t want the solution to be a dock. “Desk space is sometimes at a premium,” they write, “and docks can have little tricks and intracacies. We wanted less on the desk, not more.”

They’re looking for $115k through Kickstarter by June 12. An early bird pledge of $98 or more lands you one W1PPS for a 15-inch MacBook Pro with estimated delivery in September.