Insiders Say iPhone 5 Will Feature 4-Inch Display

Insiders Say iPhone 5 Will Feature 4-Inch Display


Rumors continue to strongly suggest that the next-generation iPhone will feature a 4-inch screen. According to industry sources reporting to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is has already begun ordering this new larger screens which will replace the current 3.5-inch standard that has been used since the original iPhone surfaced in 2007.

According to these same sources, Apple will start working on the new iPhone at the production level sometime next month, but the phone itself isn’t expected until sometime this fall. While we don’t know for sure whether the rumor is true or not, it could be happening- after all, the trend of making phones with 4 and 5-inch screens is becoming more and more common on the Android front, and a 4-inch screen could still fit into a similar iPhone form factor, so it wouldn’t have to be a radical change in overall size and weight. What do you think, any truth behind the rumors of a 4-inch next-gen, bigger iPhone?

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