Rumored iPad Mini May Feature G/F2 Thin-Film Technology

Rumored iPad Mini May Feature G/F2 Thin-Film Technology


It seems that rumors regarding the 7.85-inch iPad continue to persist, with a new one claiming that it will use “G/F2” Thin-film touch technology when it releases in the 4th quarter of this year. The rumor comes from industry sources, according to DigiTimes.

Using a G/F2 design can reduce costs and will allow the new iPad Mini to have a much lower price point than past models, since it will basically have one less layer of film than the glass/film/film structure that is used in the current model iPads. The same “industry sources” claim that Nitto will supply the key thin-film materials and Nissha Printing and TPK will produce the actual touch screens.

Keep in mind that this is still speculation at this point. While Jobs shrugged off the idea of a smaller tablet at one point, in a post-Jobs world it might be wise for Apple to have a variety of competing models- New iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 eventually, and a Mini to better help it in the upcoming battle that is expected with the introduction of Windows 8. What do you think, is an Apple iPad Mini coming this year?