Mexican Internet Company Gives Out Free Wifi In Exchange For Dog Poop…

Mexican Internet Company Gives Out Free Wifi In Exchange For Dog Poop…


Have you ever walked around, not looking where you going and found yourself stepping in a big pile of… well you know..? This happens to everyone, especially in public parks that allow dogs. One Internet company in Mexico, Terra, has an interesting solution to this ‘poo’ problem, though. They’ve partnered up with advertising agency, DDB Mexico, to install ten unique WiFi devices around Mexico City, called “Poo Wi-Fi”. Basically, if an owner deposits their pets waste into the bin it starts a timer that enables free wifi around the park. The more people depositing the poo, the more free WiFi the park receives.

Honestly, this is one of the strangest ideas I’ve ever heard of, but not necessarily a bad idea. There are a few issues, like the bin can’t really tell what is being deposited, but the way that Terra looks at it is, even if it’s trash, it’s still helping keep the park clean. So why would Terra do this? It is a great way to really self-promote their Internet company, for one thing. For another, it will certainly get people talking and might truly help with the garbage and dog feces problems around the parks in Mexico city.

You certainly have to give the company credit for doing something a little different, even if it is a little bit on the smelly side. You can check out their humorous (and odd) promotional video, below:

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