Athos Quad-Cycle Offers A Truly Unique Off-Road Experience

Athos Quad-Cycle Offers A Truly Unique Off-Road Experience


Not content with an ordinary mountain or standard bike? If you are looking for something just a little bit different, and on the crazy side, then you might want to check out the Athos, a quad-cycle that is an off-road bike that is designed to give the stability and handling of a quad with the flexibility of a regular bike. I just can’t see this thing jumping and doing tricks, it looks so heavy and cumbersome, but obviously it must not be, as the picture below surely demonstrates.

The Athos has three different configurations such as the freestyle/BMX version (which is single speed), and both Downhill/Trail and Cross Country models that have 11 speeds. Honestly, I just can’t see myself riding one of these, though I love my mountain bike, but for those looking for something a bit more on the extreme side, this could certainly be what you are looking for. The bad news? At least at the moment it isn’t available anywhere just yet, though it sounds like it will be market-ready soon enough.

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