Stickable Resin Skin For Your iPhone (Video)

Stickable Resin Skin For Your iPhone (Video)


Your iPhone certainly allows you to take some good photos and you can take some great shots, but having a way to mount your iPhone would even give you greater opportunities for the perfect shot. That’s exactly where the new Stickable Resin guard for the iPhone 4 or 4S comes in. This unique case offers a way to protect your phone for scratches and also mount it onto any glass surface for handsfree functionality or photography stabilization.

The new Resin line from is available in a variety of candy, matte, and metallic colors, and, according to the makers, is made with top-quality, durable, and anti-UV materials for ensuring superior protection. All you have to do is apply the skin to each side of the device (not the screen, of course) and press the phone’s backside onto a glassy surface to keep it mounted. Mounting should be done only after making sure that both the surface of the case and glass are clean.

Besides providing anti-scratch protection, the case adds an extra grip, but we are not sure how much it will protect the device from falls, it would be better if it was thicker. If you want to remove it, they say that it will come off easily without leaving residue. The best feature of this case is without a doubt, it’s ability to stick to surfaces, although it promises just temporary mounts. Of course, no one would want their iPhone to stick to a surface permanently. According to, it won’t stay mounted for “hours or days”, so this is just a temporary mount for a few photos, plain and simple.

The case could be helpful when traveling in a car, when you can’t roll the window down but need to take pictures or videos. You can mount the device on the window and this way you will also avoid window glares (and this will work well with the new app). Or you can stick your device onto the microwave in your kitchen for a quick app use. Check out the video for more uses.

Head here if you are interested in the product. It comes with a price tag of €15.50 (around $20).