RIM Confirms BlackBerry 10 Devices Will Have Keyboards

RIM Confirms BlackBerry 10 Devices Will Have Keyboards


While it is certainly true that the first BlackBerry 10 device will be a touchscreen-only affair, it is not true that all future BB10 devices will be only touchscreen-based devices. Research in Motion has now confirmed that some future BlackBerry 10 devices will indeed have a physical keyboard.

As I mentioned in my post last week, it’s still a little murky as to whether the team in Waterloo will opt for a Torch-like slider form or a Bold-like bar phone for the keyboard-touting BB10 device, but it’s just as likely that they could go in both directions to give consumers a little more choice. It’s also unclear, though, how long we’ll have to wait before we see the launch of a BlackBerry 10 smartphone with a physical keyboard; we just know that it’s coming eventually.

Either way, RIM is hard at work making what it hopes to be the best virtual keyboard out there, so maybe even BlackBerry purists will finally be able to abandon the array of buttons and opt for a touchscreen-only experience moving forward.