Apple iPhone 5 Liquid Metal Concept Oozes onto the Web

Apple iPhone 5 Liquid Metal Concept Oozes onto the Web


Another day, another iPhone rumor, and another iPhone concept. While it doesn’t look like the boys and girls in Cupertino have quite figured out how to make a T-1000 just yet, it looks like French designer Antoine Brieux is applying some liquid metal to his latest iPhone concept.

It’s called the iPhone 5 LM and the LM, as you can imagine, stands for liquid metal. This doesn’t mean that the new iPhone will magically be able to morph into different shapes and sizes, naturally; what it does mean is that the iPhone 5 LM comes with a Liquidmetal casing. This makes it totally smooth and elegant.

While some of the concept drawings depict the return of the physical home button, others seem to have abandoned it, leaving a silky smooth front face. Which direction Apple ends up taking is anyone’s guess at this point. While the concept is really just a series of drawings, it comes with desired specs too. These include the quad-core A6 chip, a much larger 4.5-inch widescreen display (I find it unlikely Apple will make that much of a leap), 10MP camera, virtual home button, and embedded SIM card.

All in all, this sounds a heck of a lot like Antonio De Rosa’s concept. If two designers, who presumably worked separately on their respective concepts, end up at almost the same place, is that a good indication that Apple’s designers will end up there too?