AirHotel Takes Your Hotel Experience To New Heights… Literally

AirHotel Takes Your Hotel Experience To New Heights… Literally


Ever dreamed of sleeping in a tree like a bird? If you have, your dreams are just a little bit weird, but nonetheless this would be pretty cool. The new AirHotel, designed by a group of Belgian artists, will let you live this dream, while spending time in a suspended tent-like room that is made from recycled materials. This strange hotel/motel system is made up of six elevated, hanging rooms and at the heart of this mobile complex is the “Wellness Machine”. Basically, this is the reception area, a bar, a lounge, and the breakfast service area.

The largest of the rooms is the Schulp, which has room for six guests and contains three distinct rooms inside of it, all while floating 6.5 feet above the ground. This strange tree-house-like structure is probably the least strange of all the rooms, but there is no denying its charm, either. All of these rooms are high above and disconnected through suspension. For those that want a more Earthly-connected experience, the “Night Box” is the best way to go. The Cube-room sleeps two and is placed on a steel frame several feet off the ground. So it’s still not on the ground, but at least it isn’t suspended in air.

Reservations to the unique ‘hotel’ are being held from May 11th to the 26th, where it will be located at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival in the UK. It will cost $57 per person. Interesting idea, though if you really want to think about it, it’s certainly more like a camping experience than that of a traditional hotel. For the outdoorsy types, and environmentalists alike, there is certainly plenty to appreciate about this unique design.

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