Predator Drone How-To Manual Hits The Net

Predator Drone How-To Manual Hits The Net


Want to know everything there is about piloting a US Military Predator drone? Probably not on most of our lists of things to do, but just in case it was, the leaked manual for this drone has now hit the Internet, courtesy of PublicIntelligence. This is the full manual that includes everything you need to know about maintaining, troubleshooting, and more. The original manual was crafted in 2010 by Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems and, obviously, wasn’t meant for the general public.

So what does the drone let you do? Basically it’ll provide information about approaching enemies, perform surveillance, report enemy movement and activity, and even fire upon the enemy, if needed. Probably not the most exciting read of the century for those of us that aren’t part of US Intelligence, but it’s still always kind of interesting how this classified items end up in front of any all who would see them. Sure, the manual might be free and easily accessible for all to see, but don’t expect to get your hands on one of these at your local big box retailer. If you really want to use one though? Uncle Sam could always use a few more good men.

You can check out the full manual right here:
US Drone Flight Guide

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