Kindle Fire Now Has More Than 50% Of the Android Tablet Market

Kindle Fire Now Has More Than 50% Of the Android Tablet Market


Today ComScore introduced a new version of its Device Essentials service that includes improved analysis of mobile devices and operating systems. The biggest take away from this though is that ComScore now reports that the Kindle Fire has managed to capture 54.4% of the Android tablet market, according to information gathered through February of 2012.

Another important trend that ComScore turned up is that adoption rate on 10” devices seem to be increasing at a higher rate and that more and more data consumption is coming from these larger devices, as opposed to 7” and 5” devices. This isn’t that surprising, since the iPad is one of these larger devices and is without a doubt the leader of the tablet market right now.

While ComScore confirmed these two trends, no one will really find it that surprising I’d wager. The Android market saw a major increase, thanks to the Kindle Fire, because of its lower price point and very attractive custom UI. Meanwhile, on the higher-end devices iPad continues to lead the pack. What I’m more curious about is whether or not Windows 8 tablets will mix some of these figures up when it arrives on the market in late 2012. The tablet world is certainly expanding, but I think we’ve really only begun to experience the tip of the iceburg. One thing is for sure, this holiday season is going to be an epic one for tablet adopters, with the new iPad, the Kindle Fire and a plethora of new Windows 8 tablets on there way.

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