iPavement: Wi-Fi Hotspot Under Your Feet

iPavement: Wi-Fi Hotspot Under Your Feet


If you are someone who loves to stay connected all the time, you will certainly love the iPavement – sidewalk paving stones that are also Wi-Fi hotspots. A Spanish tech company has incorporated hardware into the tiles that allows them to provide Wi-Fi Internet and Bluetooth connectivity.

Weighing around 24 kilograms and measuring in at 15.75 x 15.75 x 2.76 in, the iPavement tile is coming equipped with a 5 GB microprocessor that connects to a mobile device via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

A hard-wired 1,000-watt cable supplies power and internet access to each stone, and you don’t have to worry about losing connection while walking as the stones will be installed no more than 20 meters from one another.

You will be able to use most of the common browsers and will also get access to a number of cloud-based apps while in the area. The apps are available in different languages and the list includes a digital library, maps showing local restaurants and other attractions, a music service, and there’s even an app that provides statistics on local foot traffic, although that requires special footstep-registering stones. And your device will receive promotional messages via a Bluetooth service, something that most people won’t enjoy.

But internet usage can also be offered via equipments mounted on the surface, but it looks like the iPavement will make sure that everything is neatly tucked inside. The thing will only work between -10 and 45 ⁰C, so its installation in some countries will be a challenge.