Ferrari Hybrid To Have Same Performance As Enzo

Ferrari Hybrid To Have Same Performance As Enzo


Ferrari is going to roll out a hybrid.  Yes, a green electric-gasoline combo as the successor to their flagship model Enzo. Hope the petrol-heads who read this still have their eyes in their sockets, for Ferrari’s move will be shocking, to most. But it is not time to panic yet. Ferrari’s yet-to-be-named hybrid, set to roll out in 2013, will stick to the sporting traditions of the beauties coming out of Maranello.

It will be interesting to see how exactly Ferrari manages the performance similar to that of Enzo, which had a petrol-run V-12 and could hit 60 mph in just 3.14 seconds. It also had technology borrowed form Ferrari’s Formula One race division, including electro-hydraulic transmission and a carbon-fiber body.

Ferrari will also have to find means to overcome the design limitations of a bulky battery pack. Sources say Samsung will supply the lithium-ion cells for the hybrid.   The folks at Maranello are looking to improve performance while reducing fuel consumption. Surprising for a sports car manufacturer right?

So, they’re borrowing from F1 again to achieve that. Ferrari revealed that they have brought down fuel consumption by around 40 percent thanks to its “HY-KERS” hybrid system, while also decreasing acceleration time from 0 to 124 mph by roughly three seconds.  But the hybrid system adds to the overall weight, around 264 pounds to be exact. Ferrari is hoping to cut weight in the chassis, body and powertrain, which means more F1 technology, including a carbon-fiber shell, will be employed.