Cadillac Kills The Gas Cap

Cadillac Kills The Gas Cap

Photo Credit: General Motors
Photo Credit: General Motors

It seems, the 2013 Cadillac XTS has everything which an average modern driver requires.

The ‘CUE’ user experience system and interface is futuristic and so is the panel, the touch screen reminiscent of the simplicity we have gotten used to on a tablet PC. That should keep the driver in his comfort zone and in sync while driving, sitting on plush leather seats with vibrating alerts. Wow!

The new XTS will roll out in a couple of weeks but wouldn’t it be bad if, after a pit-stop, I get in, to make the lovely touch screen on the front dash dirty after trying to get the music on with soiled hands, a customary gift after opening and shutting the grease laden fuel caps at a self-serve gas station.

The folks at General Motors have thought about that too in the XTS. The luxury sedan doesn’t have a fuel cap. Instead of the all so common fuel door and fuel cap, the XTS uses a capless system that provides a cleaner, no grease attached, gas filling experience.

Here is how it works.

The capless system has two internal doors with rubber seals, which keeps out chances of leaks. During refueling, the outer door is opened and the fuel nozzle can be directly inserted into the two internal doors, which automatically open to accommodate it.

Since two doors are involved the chances of leaks are that much less. Another advantage the Cadillac system has over its competitors is that it doesn’t have an internal drain, which also reduces chances of dripping.

So this new Cadillac offers not just a stylish drive, it can also leave our hands pristine clean for your iPad.

General Motors might not be working on cleaner cars that much, but cleaner drivers they surely are focusing their efforts on!