Android Facebook App Adds App Discovery To The Mix

Android Facebook App Adds App Discovery To The Mix


A new version of Facebook has finally arrived, and with it comes a new way to for developers to better distribute their Android apps. The newest version adds social app discovery channels, similar to the iOS version. What this means is that clicking on shared links  won’t just bring you to web apps, but it can also fully launch inside many of Android’s native apps as well.

The flexibility of what clicking on these kinds of links will do is largely left up to the developers involved. Basically, this is Facebook’s way of becoming more actively involved as an app distribution partner, while also providing new ways to make their Facebook app useful and relevant to mobile phone users. Again, this is nothing that new to iOS users, which already had these app discovery options, but it’s a welcome addition for Android. This is just another way that Facebook can make their platform more appealing for developers. While developers previously could develop web apps, having the option of using their native programs, and even having the location on where to download them included, is very useful.

For end-users? It means that many of your favorite Android apps, like news readers for example, can be used with Facebook.

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