PS Vita Gets New Skype App

PS Vita Gets New Skype App


In the last few years smartphone and tablet gaming has risen to a point that many question whether or not a dedicated gaming portable is a dying animal, despite this, Sony released its PS Vita earlier this year. It’s about the size of a cellphone but it lacks the ability to make calls and doesn’t have nearly as many apps as a smartphone, though the number is growing.

One new app that could potentially be a game-changer is the new Skype app that is heading to the mobile gaming unit. Using the power of 3G or Wi-Fi, you can make and receive phone calls, making this device even more like a cellphone than ever before. For those with the 3G model, this pretty much means you can make and take calls anywhere, which is very good news for fans of the platform. Will the PS Vita be a success or will it have more modest results in the market, like the PSP? It’s hard to call at this point, but the hardware and potential capabilities are certainly impressive in the Vita, to say the least.

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