The Weirdest iPhone Case Ever

The Weirdest iPhone Case Ever


Everybody knows that there are tons of iPhone cases out there to choose from and that’s why case manufacturers are forced to come out with different case designs some of which are impractical or weird, but that does not give the license to anyone to freak everyone out. You probably will not find anything weirder than what you see above – the Hand iPhone Case.

The spooky case, which is likely inspired by the Thing in Addams Family, is from Japanese retailer Rakuten and is available with a price tag of 4,762 yen ($58), although it’s currently listed as out of stock. So it’s a whole lot cheaper than the bulletproof iPhone case, which by the way is a product that you will never find inside anybody’s pockets simply because of its size. But we are finding it difficult to imagine the Hand in the hands of many people anytime in the future.

Head here to learn about the possible uses for the new product. And do let us know what you liked about it, because we haven’t found anything.