Forecast Puts Weather Widget on iOS 5 Lock Screen

Forecast Puts Weather Widget on iOS 5 Lock Screen


Have you ever wanted to check the weather on your iPhone, but didn’t want to fumble through to unlock the device, open the app, and wait for the info to show up? Forecast makes things much easier, because it puts the weather report right there on the lock screen.

The functionality is remarkably simple. The part of the iOS 5 lock screen that normally only shows the date and the time is redesigned to include a weather image, the high and low temperature, the current temperature, and last updated time. Yes, this means that your clock will have to be a bit smaller, but that’s a small price to pay to have weather at your fingertips like that. Just keep in mind that having the weather widget run in the background like that will consume data.

This really isn’t terribly different from the countless weather widgets available for the Android platform, but it is nice that you don’t even need to unlock the phone to see the report. You can even switch between the current weather and the weekly forecast simply by swiping from side to side. Not surprisingly, this is a Cydia hack, so you will need to jailbreak that iPhone before getting Forecast. Find it in the ModMyi repository on Cydia for 99 cents.