The $650 Bulletproof iPhone Case

The $650 Bulletproof iPhone Case


The iPhone certainly needs protection, but there’s no need for too much of it. Japanese firm Marudai has come out with an iPhone case which appears to be the toughest case ever made, although it’s also the most impractical.

As you can see above, the case has a massive backside, which is made of a combination of steel and aluminum. According to the company, the case’s back can withstand a .50 caliber shot. But that type of protection will not be available for the device’s front side, which will always be exposed.

Most people (or most likely all) won’t be spending $650 to protect their iPhone from a bullet that most probably won’t fly in anytime. The case is strong though and also has the usual hole for the device’s camera, but it won’t be comfortable in the hands and certainly won’t fit into your pockets. And in case you haven’t noticed, the case costs more than the new iPad’s 32GB Wi-Fi version. You can simply buy a new iPhone to keep as a backup.

But if you are still interested, Marudai is taking orders at the moment and they will even be shipping an empty bullet with the case. If you are looking for something more pocket-friendly and affordable, take a peek at what G-Form has to offer.