New “MirrorCase” Allows You To Take Photos And Video Horizontally

New “MirrorCase” Allows You To Take Photos And Video Horizontally


A new Kickstarter project called the MirrorCase manages to use the power of reflection to change the way iPhone photography works. So what does it do exactly? It is basically a little case that uses a mirror to reflect back images directly in front the iPhone, letting you hold it horizontally and just “point” at what you want to capture. The case itself is composed of a sturdy plastic and has rubber inserts for shock absorption. It’s more than just a fancy case though, it also comes with an app, MirrorCase app, that flipps and inverts the image displayed on your screen.

With the program and case you can record or take snapshots, but honestly I see this being more useful for point-and-click video than for photography, but that’s just me. With 40 days left at Kickstarter, the MirrorCase has brought in about a $1000 of its $25,000 goal. If this sounds like something that would interest you, it can be yours for a pledge of $50.

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