Compact Keyboard Doubles As VOIP Handset

Compact Keyboard Doubles As VOIP Handset


What do you get when you combine a keyboard and a bluetooth headset? Apparently, you get the Elecom compact wireless bluetooth keyboard. This unique keyboard strikes a balance between being small enough to use for VOIP conversations, and being large enough to actually be useful for typing. This is clearly aimed at the business world as a way to give you a handy solution for both typing longer texts, emails, notes and documents, while also giving you a way to check in with a client or with the office. If you want a full-size keyboard this isn’t for you, and I highly doubt it would be comfortable for truly long emails and documents, though it should suffice for most basic needs. Still, it is an interesting looking device that can be paired with your tablet or PC.

The downside is the cost, at $230 it is without a doubt quite expensive. Sure, it gets points for being unique, but at the current price you might be wiser to buy a nice bluetooth headset and a separate wireless keyboard. Then again, its size is large enough to get you about three days use, something most bluetooth headsets can’t do.

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