Yet Another iPad Mini Rumor – This Time Claiming A 3rd Quarter...

Yet Another iPad Mini Rumor – This Time Claiming A 3rd Quarter Launch


There are a few things in life that are truly inevitable – death, taxes, oh and iPad Mini Rumors. We’ve covered many of these in the past, so might as well keep bringing you what we hear, right? According to Chinese portal Netease, translated by Kotaku, a smaller version of Apple’s tablet will come to market in the third quarter of 2012. The report claims there will be six million units ready for launch and that it will hit a price point between $249 and $299.

Is this possible? Maybe. While Apple used to dismiss the idea of a smaller tablet, models like the Kindle Fire have shown that there is certainly money in the lower segment as well. With Windows 8 having such a flexibility on tablets, with both ARM and x86 models, it is possible that Apple might be weighing its options in order to keep competitive against the slew of Windows 8-powered devices hitting the market in 4th quarter 2012 and into 2013. Again though, does Apple really have anything to worry about? Despite a few issues, like heat problems, with its new Ipad, it is still selling like hotcakes.
Windows 8 might become a bigger tablet competitor than Android has been so far (with the exception of the Fire), but I still am not personally sure if Apple would bring in a lower end model as a means of competition. What do you think?

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