New Nook Has A Front-Lit eInk Display, Shipping May

New Nook Has A Front-Lit eInk Display, Shipping May


Earlier this week, we talked about how Amazon’s Kindle might be getting integrated lighting that allows easy reading in the dark. Well, it seems that they weren’t the only ones interested in moving in this direction, as a new Nook has made its way to Barnes & Noble stores showing a front-light embedded display over the E-ink display.

This latest Nook costs $139 and will become available in early May, though Barnes & Noble has started taking preorders on its website and in stores. Barnes & Noble isn’t making changes to the other Nook readers in its lineup, including the light-free but otherwise similar $99 E-Ink-based Nook Simple Touch reader.

A new war for lighted E-Ink displays has now began. You know, because turning on that lamp was so hard before. I suppose this could come in handy in certain situations like reading outdoors while camping, or just simply when you are out of reach from an easy reading lamp.

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