New Backlit Kindle e-Reader On Its Way?

New Backlit Kindle e-Reader On Its Way?


The world of e-paper and e-readers has had a lot of new changes heading towards it recently, this includes color technology and now even an e-Ink Kindle that has a built-in backlit display. According to Devin Coldewey at TechCrunch, who managed to catch a glimpse of the device, it’s light was a real game-changer for reading in the dark but it was a much softer glow than the harsh lighting that it found with typical backlit LCD screens.

While many are starting to turn to tablets for e-reader use, due to the vast amount of Android/iOS apps, it is still hard to deny the fact that e-readers are much easier on the eyes than an LCD-based tablet. If Amazon’s Kindle does in fact have a color model and a new less-harsh-than-LCD backlit model in the works, then e-readers have certainly found a few extras that will help keep them relevant against the growth of tablets being used as e-reader replacements.

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