WaveJet: First Ever Internally Propelled Surfboard with 20 lbs of Thrust

WaveJet: First Ever Internally Propelled Surfboard with 20 lbs of Thrust


Surfers need momentum to come up to pace and successfully ride big waves. Noisy jet-skis are typically what is used to tow surfers now, they will be a thing of the past soon.

WaveJet provides the surfer the necessary momentum to catch a big wave without requiring a large towing vehicle or a partner to do the duties.   The core of the WaveJet system is a pod which can be fitted under any Wave-jet compatible board of any size or kind, including surfboards, paddleboards, boogie boards and rescue boards.

The advantage of its design is that it fits flat under the board and doesn’t affect its balance nor does it interfere with the ride. It uses two aluminum impellers within the pod to give up to 20 lbs. of thrust, which translates into a speed of almost 12mph.   That should push you onto the biggest wave at Mavericks, California, or any other “big” place for that matter.

But apart from providing adrenalin to surfers, WaveJet will become an important tool in the hands of lifeguard as it enables a rather compact and quick way to reach victim amongst the wake and crashing waves.

Besides the innovative and non-obstructive motor, the WaveJet’s wireless control system is convenient for the surfer doing the balancing act while standing and “walking on water”.

Check out the video.

The surfer can control the motors using wireless remote controls on the wrist. The wireless system keeps the surfer’s hands free and doesn’t tie him to the board. The wristband also monitors the battery of the motor and has the ability to cut the motor once the board is more than a leash-length away from surfer.

So the surfer needn’t worry about the board propelling itself away after bailing.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives almost 45 minutes of run time, but then no surfer will be using the motor continuously. So it means the juice in the motors will last even more, if not for a whole day of fun at the beach.

Surfers and other industry professionals have been testing the WaveJet and it’s going to hit the markets next month. This year, the WaveJet will be provided in surfboard, boogie board and stand-up paddle boards, while its scope will be extended to kayaks and other models next year.

The delivery of WaveJet will begin in the mid of May. The pod price will be $2,500, and could be used with WaveJet-ready boards. Recreational boards will cost $4,395 while rescue board packages start at $4,150.