Motorola’s Cordless Android Ice Cream Sandwich Home Phones

Motorola’s Cordless Android Ice Cream Sandwich Home Phones


One of the best things about Android devices is that they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and what you see above is one of the two landline based DECT cordless Android powered phones from Motorola. The question is, what’s the point?  Everyone has cell phones these days and we’re not sure where the market is for something like this.

Regardless, the two devices are named the HS1101 and MBP2000PU, they run Ice Cream Sandwich OS and feature a 3.2 inch LCD display with a resolution of 400 x 240.  The Wi-Fi-equipped handsets are virtually identical, differing only in color – while one is silver and white, the other one is glossy black. The phones are also coming with a front-facing cam with video capture, stereo 1.5-watt speakers, microSD storage, micro-USB and a standard headphone port. You will be able to download apps, while a few like Aldiko E-book Reader and a Digital Answer Machine come preloaded.  Ok, so maybe they will be good for video calls over Wi-Fi. But we have to admit, when it comes to the design, the devices do not look that pretty. They certainly appear to have the qualities to be smart home phones. Those who haven’t yet abandoned their landlines can check the devices out, and since they have just passed through the FCC, we are expecting both models to arrive sometime soon.

Just to let you know, Archos also has a home phone that run Android, but it is running the now ancient Froyo.