Atmel’s XSense Flexible Touchscreen Tech Has All The Right Curves

Atmel’s XSense Flexible Touchscreen Tech Has All The Right Curves


As great as touchscreens may be, they are inherently rigid and must take on a completely flat form. Or do they? Atmel is challenging that notion with the development of its XSense bendable touchscreen technology, flexing its way around all kinds of surfaces.

The obvious application would include tablet and smartphone devices that can then have curved edges and other kinds of designs, but Atmel is quick to point out that the possibilities are limitless. You can create interesting wristwatches with full touchscreen tech, as well as wraparound coffee-maker displays. The tech itself is a flexible, film-based touch sensor that is ultra-thin. I’d imagine that combining XSense with flexible OLED display tech could make for some gorgeous products. Looking at the video, edgeless displays are a distinct possibility.

Atmel isn’t exactly new to this game either, having contributed to the touchscreens of devices like the Galaxy Note. Even so, I almost feel like this is a product pitch that belongs on Dragons’ Den or Shark Tank. “Today, dragons, I’d like to present to you an idea I have for flexible touchscreen technology. I am prepared to offer 5% of my company in exchange for $200,000.”

[Source via Atmel]