New MacBook Pros On Thier Way?

New MacBook Pros On Thier Way?


The newest batch of MacBook Pros are on their way and, according to DigiTimes, this means 200,000 initial monthly shipments of the Ivy-Bridge powered 15-inch MacBook Pros. This will be followed up by a 13-inch, thinner Pro in June that might have initial shipping numbers that are as high as 400,000 units.

Consistent with previous rumors, the 15-inch Pro would go into first production and arrive as early as sometime this month. From what we’ve heard, Apple’s newest MacBook Pros are going to take a few cues from the Air and that means a much thinner design than we’ve ever seen before. It will be nice to see a retina display actually come to being. Supposedly, the Pros will ditch the optical drive to make them as thin as possible. These machines will likely come with Intel HD 4000 graphics and i7 processors.

Honestly though, this leaves me with a few questions of my own. Will the Air cease to exist and just be a configuration model of the Pro if they are indeed becoming the same size and general form factor? I also hope that Apple understands that there at least some users that would have interest in a built-in optical drive option, even if that means a slightly larger size. Honestly, slim drives don’t take that much space in my opinion. We are certainly moving towards an age with PCs where optical drives are disappearing, but is it too soon? I suppose the answer to that question will vary from person to person.

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