How To Make a DIY External MacBook Pro Battery

How To Make a DIY External MacBook Pro Battery


Looking for an external battery for your MacBook Pro or Air? You could certainly buy yourself one, but that would cost hundreds at least. What’s the alternative? Why not make yourself one, that’s exactly what a new post on the Verge will show you how to do.

You will need a few basic tools, like a soldering iron and solder. The DIY instructions are fairly straight forward, if you are looking for a unique project that will also give you the pride of knowing “I put this together”, than it is certainly worth taking a look at. Best of all, you can easily extend your usage by 2-3 hours or 6-8 hours depending on the mAh of your battery pack.  You can grab 9800 mAH one like in the video on eBay for about $30.  They even have 30,000 mAh packs, but that’s probably more than necessary.

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