Gyroscopic Two-Wheeler Concept Vehicle Is A Head Turner

Gyroscopic Two-Wheeler Concept Vehicle Is A Head Turner


What would you think about commuting across New York’s central park in a bubble with two wheels? Before making up your mind with an answer, just check out this beauty, a new concept gyroscopic vehicle from designer Sanu KR.

Mr. Sanu has based his design on that of a Segway, only with bigger wheels and a glass-bubble-of-a-chamber in which a driver can sit on a comfy recliner. On a Segway, the driver has to stand and commute and is also exposed to the elements. This vehicle looks sexy enough, but like all concepts, Mr .Sanu might have overlooked a few practical technicalities in this geeky contraption.

For starters, it will be interesting to know how propulsion will work; probably batteries.  Granted the joystick guidance system works without much of a problem.

Then there is the issue which all gyroscopic two-wheelers face. They do tend to tip over while braking. The driver will most likely need additional inertia arresting systems to prevent doing a face plant in his own windshield.

Indeed, it is a concept and it does look sexy. In fact, it feels a bit nostalgic too. Sort of reminds me of a transparent glass yo yo I used to play with as a kid, or a jumbo reinforced wheel chair.

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