MorpHex, the Walking Rolling Robot

MorpHex, the Walking Rolling Robot


While we have robots like Asimo that attempt to mimic the bipedal nature of humans, robots that take on entirely different forms of locomotion can be so much less creepy.  The MorpHex robot is shaped like a sphere, but the outer body is actually comprised of twelve triangles: six on top and six on the bottom. The bottom triangles can come out and be used as feet, getting the MorpHex to scamper around like an insect. It can also roll around as a ball by systematically moving the 12 segments.

Right now, the rolling part isn’t quite as precise or uniform as it could be, because the top six sections aren’t identical to the bottom six. Inventor Kare Halvorsen hopes to address that with the next iteration of MorpHex, but in the meantime, this looks pretty sweet, even if it can’t jump 30 feet in the air.