Manage Your Smartphone on Your Desktop with Phonedeck

Manage Your Smartphone on Your Desktop with Phonedeck


Ever wondered how many minutes you spend talking to one specific person? Or perhaps you want to continue an TXT message from your laptop? The new Phonedeck smartphone-management solution will do that and more.

It starts by installing the Phonedeck app on your Android smartphone;  they’re working on other platforms, one version for S40 has been developed. Then, you log into your account from the web browser on your computer and let everything sync up. The desktop side gives you full access to all your sent messages, call history, contact list, and more. And like Rogers One Number, you can send and receive text messages, as well as make phone calls, right from the browser… and they’ll look like they’re being initiated from your actual mobile phone.

The sync process can also include your Gmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts, ensuring that the contact information also remains up to date. I imagine that this requires a data connection from your phone to keep everything going, so you will need to be mindful of that consumption. An added feature are the “insights” that work almost like Google Analytics for your phone usage, showing the longest call, top contacts, average call, and other similar stats.

[Source via PhoneDeck]