Black SMS: The iPhone App Any Sexter Would Love

Black SMS: The iPhone App Any Sexter Would Love


Black SMS is a new App Store app which encrypts texts and emails so that they are unreadable without installing the said app and a password. This means that, those who have sexting as a serious hobby or are in an illicit relationship via SMS will love the new app more, although anyone with an iPhone or iPad can use it.

It’s simple to use and no jailbreak is required. It works with iMessage and it will allow you to send black chat bubbles between iPhones.  All you have to do is open the Black SMS app and type your secret text message after entering your password in the top line. You just tap the ‘lock’ icon and the app will prompt you to go to iMessage and paste the black chat bubble into a new message. Then you simply send it and wait for the reply.

But your secret lover has to have the app installed in his/her iPhone, and also has to know the password. The person will have to copy your black chat bubble into the iPhone’s clipboard, and then open the app to paste it into the large box after the password is entered. Then tap the ‘unlock’ icon to read the message. Sending and receiving an encrypted email link involves the same process. And since the message is sent with AES encryption, decryption is almost impossible.

But the app is not that perfect. You should know that the black chat bubble will be sent as an MMS, since it is encoded as a rainbow-like image. That won’t be good if you did not sign up for a good MMS plan and also sending an MMS will take a few more seconds. Another inconvenience is that you have to switch between the Black SMS app and Apple’s Messages app manually.

But getting the $1 app will always be better than suffering the embarrassment after someone sees your sexy messages. Head her e to get the Black SMS app for the iPhone and iPad.