Some of the Best and Worst of April Fools 2012

Some of the Best and Worst of April Fools 2012


Yesterday was April Fools’ Day, i’m sure most of you didn’t realize it. So what else do large companies with over the top budgets on attempting to create viral videos do? They attempt to make us laugh by revealing fake products with fake announcements. Some of these are quite stupid, actually, most of them are, but you can decide for yourself, have a gander below.

Kodak LIVEPrint for Kittens

Yes, Kodak is going through some tough times right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re not continuing to innovate. Printing photos isn’t good enough anymore, so they developed LIVEPrint which will actually let you print live kittens. Awww….

Conan O’Brien Buys Mashable

After seeing the “atrocious job” that Pete Cashmore was doing with the Mashable, comedian Conan O’Brien decided to buy the site, oust Cashmore, and take over as CEO.

Sony VAIO Q Series Ultrabook

Ultrabooks are smaller than their larger notebook counterparts, but they’re not small enough. So, the Sony VAIO Q was born. It’s an ultrabook that’s the size of a quarter and it happens to be powered by a Core i9 3.66GHz processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, and a 1.25×0.75-inch full 1080p LED backlit display.

Microsoft Windows Pager

Microsoft is trying to make a splash with Windows Phone, but what about the days when people just had buzzers and had to call back? It’s a throwback with a touchscreen: here’s the Windows Pager from their Facebook page.

Razer SnakeEyes

What if you had Google Goggles for real? What if you could enhance your gaming experience as a result? That’s what you get with SnakeEyes, a wearable HUD that basically turns your life into a video game, identifying objects, fellow gamers, and whatever else.

Hungry Hungry Hippos for iPad

The iCade from ThinkGeek started out as an April Fools’ gag, but it turned into a real product. The same thing might happen with this, which is essentially a platform and dock for your iPad that turns it into a Hungry Hungry Hippos game. This might just work, considering the multi-touch capabilities of Apple’s tablet.

Toshiba Tablet Shapes

Who said that your tablet had to be a rectangle? Shapes by Toshiba challenges that notion with Oblong (Oval), Rhombus, and Amore (Heart). What shape are you? What shapes you?

WestJet Child-Free Cabins

Are you tired of flying and being bugged by all the crying babies in the cabin? WestJet is fixing that by letting you have all those kids as checked-in luggage.

Virgin Volcanic

Titanic director James Cameron may have gone to the bottom of the sea, but Sir Richard Branson wants to go to the center of the Earth. So, he has created Virgin Volcanic. The post reminds us that only 500 people have been to space, but no one has gone to the core of an active volcano.

8-Bit Google Maps

As with every other year, Google had one of the best pranks. This time around, they unveiled 8-Bit Google Maps for the NES. Yes, the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The graphics look like they’re inspired by the 8-bit era of gaming, more specifically like Dragon Quest. They even put in some extra gags like blowing into the cartridge and having a dial-up modem built into the NES cartridge.

Gmail Tap

Typing on the smaller touchscreen of your smartphone can sometimes be a pain, so Google wanted to make that easier by… bringing back Morse code. Your keyboard is replaced by just two keys: dot and dash.

Chrome Multitask Mode

Remember when Dual View for the Chrome browser was announced? That was kinda neat, but what if you could use two mice in two separate windows at the same time? This takes multitasking to a whole new level.

YouTube Collection

Why watch web videos on the web? With YouTube Collection, you get every YouTube video delivered to you in DVD format to browse at your own leisure. They even have thumbs up and thumbs down cards, plus comment forms that can be sent back via snail mail.