iPhone PRO Concept Device

iPhone PRO Concept Device


Last November I wrote about a concept iPhone attachment, the iCam. It was a unique little device that envisioned what the future of iPhone photography could look like. Now comes a completely different concept device, though it also it all about taking Apple photography to the next level. The iPhone PRO is a concept device designed around a 4.5-inch wide LCD and 2 side buttons. The device also has a 1.2MP 3D Camera, and is has a lovely 1280×800 display.

This an interesting looking concept, but keep in mind that it is nothing more than just a theory of what a 4.5-inch device with a professional camera design might look like. Beyond rumor, we have no real evidence that Apple is playing a larger display iPhone. I strongly question the idea of Apple further fragmenting the iPhone line with multiple models at once. This just doesn’t sound like an Apple move, but I could certainly be wrong. Also, I’m sorry to say it, but that huge lenses just seems to look a bit awkward and weighty.

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