ION Air Pro POV Cloud Camera (Video)

ION Air Pro POV Cloud Camera (Video)


High speeding down the slopes, you cut through a half dozen trees before lifting off and grabbing huge air, you think, shouldn’t I be recording this?  If you did, you have to wait until you get to a computer before uploading your adventure to the world.  That’s not the case if you own the ION Air Pro HD camera. It lets you share your clips in real time to social networking sites.

The new cam will record your rides in full 1080p HD and there’s also an option for snapping 5-megapixel stills. It features a 170-degree wide-angle lens, which is more than enough to record all the action.  The catch is there is no display on it. But there is no need to check whether or not it is recording, just flip a switch and your broadcasting live.   Aside from that critical button, there’s two more; for switching it on and off and taking stills.

Engadget got a their little hands one one, they say that the cam feels comfortable.  Weighing just 123 grams, about 20 less than GoPro in its housing. The new cam also comes with a tripod mount,  memory card slot, HDMI port, AV out all accessible from the rear removable panel.

The realtime feature is not built into the camera itself, you will need to attach a Wi-Fi “Podz” on its rear. You just have to download a free app and you can see what your camera sees (and yes, there is a range limit). The app will allow you to upload clips directly to Facebook and YouTube too.

But that’s not all. You get 8GB of cloud storage. That’s really sweet. Head here to check out a few stills snapped with the cam and check out the first video to know more about it. The second video is a sample and it’s a bit shaky, but you will understand its capabilities.


The ION Air Pro will be available next month. As for the pricing, it’s £229 (about $365) for the camera alone, £249 ($395) if you are interested in the bike mount and tripod kit, and £299 ($475) for the full Wi-Fi kit.