Robot Jumps 30 Feet (Video)

Robot Jumps 30 Feet (Video)


A robot on wheels isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but the Sand Flea by Boston Dynamics has a very neat trick up its mechanical sleeve: it is capable of jumping a full thirty feet in the air from an absolute standstill.

The robot has wheels that are larger than its chassis and it has a gyroscopic stabilization system that keeps it steady while in the air. This helps it recover from the inevitable impact after jumping and tumbling onto the new surface. The jump itself is achieved by way of a carbon dioxide-powered piston and the jump is accurate enough to get the Sand Flea through a second story window.

The application here is primarily for the military, especially since the Sand Flea is capable of sending video back to its operator up to 650 yards away. This is fantastic for getting over walls and into buildings, offering the military much safer recon work. I imagine the military would replace the white wheels for black ones for better camouflage, but this 11-pound design looks seriously solid and versatile.