Asus Transformer Primes Giveaway By Our Uber Friends

Asus Transformer Primes Giveaway By Our Uber Friends


It’s always fun when a giveaway is announced and it’s even better when what will be available for free is a popular Android tablet. Our friends at Ubergizmo have announced that they have partnered with NVIDIA for giving away two Asus Transformer Prime tablets (for two winners) and you just have to post a comment to participate.

You have to place a comment here (valid email address or Facebook profile is needed) and if you are lucky, your name will be selected in the draw and you will win a $499.99 NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core Asus Transformer Prime and a $149 keyboard dock accessory. You can comment about anything, but it will be great if you talk about why you are interested in the tablet. Just to let you know, there are already 968 comments over there and more will keep on coming, but there’s certainly nothing to lose by typing a few words and imagining about playing with the device in the future.

But, as always, there are rules. The following are the main ones:

The draw is open to legal residents of US (50 states) and Canada (excluding Quebec), 18 and older. (If you are from some other country, you might have international friends who can participate.)

The deadline to place your comment is Wednesday March 28 2012, at 23:59pm PT. (But we know that you have already placed your comment.)

Head here to check out all the rules.

And good luck!