Angry Birds Space Is Tougher Than Ever

Angry Birds Space Is Tougher Than Ever


It’s funny, back in the 80s video games were all about scores trying to “best others”, not long story lines or complex controls. Now with the birth of smartphone and tablet games, this same kind of gameplay design seems to have become commonplace once again. Games like “Angry Birds” and “Cut The Rope” are casual fare, yes, but at the same time you can easily become quite addicted and obsessed with trying to get perfect completion (3 Stars in many games) on all stages.

While they are graphically better than classics like PacMan and Space Invaders, it is pretty easy to see that today’s mobile games have a lot in common with classics of old. The newest addition to the Angry Bird series, Angry Birds Space, continues the addictive gameplay that will drive you to want to complete all stages perfectly, but this time around it seems that many of the stages are actually much harder than what we’ve seen in the past.

Luckily, Angry Bird’s Nest has all the information you’ll need to to truly best the many difficult stages and take your game experience to the next level. Game on, but be warned, it is easy to loose countless hours of your time in what is meant to be a quick casual fare. Trust me, I’ve had this happen to myself in games like “Cut The Rope”, more than once.

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